Statements from Pledge Signatories

Michael Kowalski, Tiffany & Co., Chairman and CEO.

Michael Kowalski

"There are some special places where mining clearly does not represent the best long-term use of resources. In Bristol Bay, we believe the extraordinary salmon fishery clearly provides the best opportunity to benefit Southwestern Alaskan communities in a sustainable way. For Tiffany & Co., - and we believe for many of our fellow retail jewelers - this means we must look to other places to responsibly source our gold."

Richard Stoebe, Communications Director, Jostens

"Jostens recognizes that Alaska's Bristol Bay Watershed is an ecosystem of national and international significance and we support permanent protection of the Bristol Bay Fishery Reserve from large-scale metals mining."

Gil Hollander, Executive Vice President of Zale Corporation

"Zale is committed to sourcing gold and other precious metals in a responsible manner. We believe gold should be mined and refined in a manner that protects both the environment and its inhabitants. Therefore, Zale is happy to support, alongside other jewelers, the pledge to protect the Bristol Bay Fishery Reserve from large-scale metals mining."

Damien Dernoncourt, CEO, John Hardy Jewelry.

"In the long run, the pursuit of the mine project will be detrimental to the local communities both environmentally and economically. We extend our support to the protection of the Bristol Bay watershed and hope that others will join us in building a more sustainable future where business can grow."

John C. Orrico, Senior Vice President, Birks and Mayors Inc.

"Birks and Mayors proudly joins other responsible jewelers denouncing the mining of precious metals at Bristol Bay. Organizationally, we have adopted the Golden Rules and developed a supply chain that supports sustainable and responsible precious metals sourcing. We trust that the jewelry industry will stand in support of the Bristol Bay Salmon Fishery thereby preserving this ecosystem while continuing to develop sustainable and responsible sources of supply."

Jon Bridge, Co-CEO/General Counsel of Seattle-based Ben Bridge Jeweler.

"I am pleased to stand with others in the jewelry industry today in announcing our support for protecting Alaska's Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale mining. As retail jewelers, we want to be able to tell our customers that the precious metals we use are mined responsibly -- that the materials used in the jewelry they purchase have been mined in environmentally-friendly ways, respectful of the Bristol Bay salmon fishery and the communities that depend on it."

Noel Coyle, CEO, Fraser Hart

"Fraser Hart is committed to obtaining precious metals from responsible sources. In some areas, mining of precious metals presents too great a risk to communities and the environment. Bristol Bay is such an area. We support protection of Bristol Bay from large-scale mining, and will not source gold that comes at the expense of the communities and salmon fisheries of Bristol Bay."

Tim Ingle, Director, Ingle & Rhode Ltd.

"Bristol Bay, Alaska is an international treasure. Ingle & Rhode fully supports the campaign to protect the Bristol Bay watershed, its unique salmon fisheries, and the communities and businesses that rely on them from large scale gold mining."

Mark Adelstone, Managing Director, Beaverbrooks the Jewellers

"We at Beaverbrooks support the protection of Alaska's Bristol Bay Watershed from large scale mining. We need to be mindful and respectful of the Bristol Bay Salmon fisheries and the communities that depend on it. We feel that the precious metals that we sell need to be mined responsibly and in environmentally friendly ways and if this means looking to other places to source gold, then so be it."

Ian Haycock, Aurum Holdings Ltd. (Goldsmiths, Mappin & Webb, Watches of Switzerland)

"As a responsible retailer and an active supporter of ethical trading and sourcing, Aurum Holdings has pledged its support to the Golden Rules in relation to precious metal mining. We would therefore also wish to extend this support to the campaign to protect the Bristol Bay watershed from large scale mining."

April Doubleday

April Doubleday, Artisan Jeweler

"As a Bench designer and maker of Jewellery I try to source all materials that are socially and environmentally responsible. That is why I feel very strongly about Bristol Bay. Not only is it home to the largest wild sockeye salmon fishery, but it is of great natural beauty. A large mining corporation will only reduce all natural resources and take away people's right to sustainability."

Toby Pomeroy

Toby Pomeroy, Artisan Jeweler

" Bristol Bay is a treasure, a jewel in our safekeeping. As we would never think of gambling with our children's well-being, it is also our responsibility to never let risk or harm befall this rare and beautiful natural treasure."

Vivien Johnston, Fifi Bijoux, Artisan Jeweler

"It seems that to impose a mining site on an area which currently thrives on wild salmon fishing is to disregard the community values and to go against a well developed CSR programme. Bristol Bay is an environmentally sensitive area of significant conservation value. Sustainable development is surely a necessary value which is core to any 21st century business and I am surprised that Anglo American would pursue a programme in Bristol Bay which is clearly not in the best interests of the long term sustainability of the local community or the conservation of important ecosystems. I would ask them to revise their strategy and review their CSR standards to ensure any new mining site need not compromise their vision of environmental integrity and community consultation."

Brian Leber, President, Leber Jeweler Inc.

"Leber Jeweler Inc. believes the jewelry industry, from the mine to the retail store, has a shared obligation in addressing the myriad of issues that face us. We Salute the No Dirty Gold campaign for taking a stand on this very critical issue. The Pebble Mine Proposal is an example of how things should not be done, and we hope our company can help set a course that will make certain environmental treasures like Bristol Bay remain unharmed for generations to come."

Daniel Hacker, Hacker Jewelers

"Bristol Bay is an environmental treasure and the hub of a salmon fishery that generates hundreds of millions of dollars and many thousands of jobs. I was reminded just the other day of the importance of preserving our natural resources for future generations when I saw an interview with Ken Burns regarding his new documentary series "National Parks- America's Best Idea". It really brought home the importance of carefully considering the decision of preservation versus economic development. There are some areas, Yellowstone immediately comes to mind, that are natural resources just too precious to squander. Bristol Bay belongs in that category. I don't think we want to trade North America's largest salmon fishery for North America's largest open pit mine."

Livia Firth

Livia Firth, Creative Director, Eco Age

"As a supporter of a jewelry industry that supports environmental and social justice I am happy to support the Bristol Bay Protection Pledge. The environment is under huge strain. Never have our personal consumer decisions mattered more. Meanwhile industries can make it easy for us to do the right thing by taking responsibility for their supply chains."

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