Peter Cockwill

Angler, Guide and Shop Owner

Peter Cockwill

Peter Cockwill is a fly fishing guide and the owner/operator of Albury Game Angling in Surrey.He makes frequent trips with clients to the rivers of southwest Alaska near Bristol Bay.

“UK anglers see Alaska as the great untouched wilderness and to many it is their ‘once in a lifetime’ dream to fish its pristine waters,” said Cockwill, who has been guiding anglers in Alaska for 21 years. “Some achieve that dream and others possibly never will, but destroy Bristol Bay and the dream no longer exists. Why take the risk, however small, of ruining nature’s perfection in the quest of short-term personal gain for a very few?”

Peter represents fishery interests as a member of the Association of Stillwater Game Fishery Managers. He also works for the Salmon and Trout Association and has served on the Fisheries and Recreation Committee for Southern Water.

“The UK is an overcrowded land with precious few places where wild bred fish survive and much of this is only by careful habitat management,” he said. “It's nevertheless wonderful but cannot compare to Alaska's wealth of species and its sheer magnitude of numbers which can only serve to show us how it once was here in England.”

He also developed and maintains a trout fishery in the Wintershall Estate and has published many articles and books on fisheries and fishing. Peter is a qualified instructor in salmon and trout fishing as well as fly tying. Occasionally he appears on Sky Sports Tight Lines program and reruns of "Just Fishing" on Discovery where he appeared with Chris Sandford.

He is an accomplished competitive angler, winning both UK Small Stillwater Championships and the European Open. He fished "loch style" for many years and was part of Bob Church's winning Benson and Hedges reservoir team, and fished for England in the New Zealand Commonwealth event. In 1986, he caught the first authenticated 20-pound rainbow in the UK, which is in its case in his shop, and holds the Cheetah Trout record.

Peter is a water chemist by profession and worked for the Cornwall River Board, a precursor to the Environment Agency, before opening Albury Game Angling.

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