George Wilson Jr.

Commercial and Subsistence Fisherman

George Wilson Jr.

Camai. My name is George Wilson Jr., and I live in Levelock, Alaska on the west bank of the Kvichak River – home to the world’s largest remaining wild salmon run. Our community relies heavily on the health of the salmon fishery to sustain its economy.

I am a son to George and Annie Wilson Sr. who reside in Igiugig, Alaska. I grew up in the Bristol Bay region, from Igiugig, Levelock, and Naknek. I went to school in all three communities, but moved to Bremerton, WA to get my Associate of Arts degree in welding.

I am doing what I can to protect the resources of Bristol Bay because I want to offer the same opportunities to my wife and my two amazing daughters that were afforded to me by my parents growing up in the region.

I have been commercial fishing in the bay full time now for 30 years - since I was 9 years old. I truly feel blessed growing up in the fisheries and my father giving me the opportunity to be part of the last great salmon fishery in the world.

I have hunted and fished the region of Bristol Bay and Lake Iliamna my whole life and will continue as long as the land, animals and fish are first taken care of. I was taught by respected persons of the region - my father and mother - to protect and respect the resources.

I am the president of Levelock Natives Limited, a director for Levelock Village Council and I also sit on the walrus and beluga whale commission in Alaska. I am part of Bristol Bay Native Corporation and my community is part of the Bristol Bay Economic Development Corporation (BBEDC) that has done a lot for the communities in Bristol Bay. Alaska.

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